Rainy Day Moose

Moose Cow (Alces alces) Moose are found in every province of Canada. Moose are not native to the Island of Newfoundland. A few were introduced on to the island in the 1900’s. They range in colour from dense black, to reddish brown and grey. At birth moose calves weigh 6 Kilograms for twins and single births 12 – 18 kilograms. Moose calves gain weight faster than any other game animal.

What I Do When My Photography Plan Changes?

Wendy Nuttall

I was out hoping to photograph squirrels, crocus and other interesting things. Seldom do I have a moment of what should I take a picture of now time? This day it seemed I could not get in the groove and the squirrels were not to be seen. I even called them but none showed up. It was a bit to early to photograph the flowers on the open prairie. I decided to fiddle with my camera and the timer. Self portraiture was the end result. Check out for my online store.

2016 Join The Adventure Car Checklist

Wendy Nuttall

What is in my car? ‘Join the Adventure!’ my cards say. What do I mean by this statement? Do you need more information to sign up? My checklist before I head out on the road. Either I do these things or the garage does these things. Oil is changed or checked. Tires are in good shape and air pressures are correct. Spare Tire is full of air Tire Wrench is in the car Jack all is onboard Windshield wipers are checked. Washer fluid is full to the brim often during highway travel I use much more fluid than normal. If...

'Art In The Park' Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park

'Art In The Park' Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park

'Art IN The Park' I am there August 25 - September 5 plus more dates TBA . Visit me at the Artist Cabin. I am hoping to picture more of the Park. I captured this scene last summer during my 'Art In The Park' weekend. By Wendy Nuttall Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park, Saskatchewan Side. Loch Leven is available as Ready to Hang Canvas, Paper Print, Placemats or Mugs from

Why do I write 'Join the Adventure!'

Wendy Nuttall

Catch your imagination

Join us on our next BeVenture or Adventure whichever suits your style.

Wendy Nuttall Photography

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13 pictures of beautiful Newfoundland & Labrador, Icebergs, fishermen,moose (alces alces),L'Anse aux Meadows & Gros Morne plus more.12 month Calendar on #111silk paper. 12 inch X 12 Inch closed dimensions. Opens to 12 inch X 24 inch Photographer Wendy Nuttall, Author Wendy Nuttall

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