Why do I write 'Join the Adventure!'

Wendy Nuttall

Why do I write and say join the Adventure?

When my Grandson was about 3. I would visit him at his home on the farm near Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada.

I would stay a week or months at a time. Then we would say those teary dreaded goodbyes and I would drive back east for the summer season. Summer was filled with pictures of Icebergs, Fishing People, Fishing Villages, Sunsets, Seascapes and pictures of Canada as I drove. It was a hard time we would both be sniffling and teary.

My leaving seemed more of a closure an end; rather than a new beginning.

I thought what; could I do to ease my own pain and guilt at leaving? In my family, the tradition was Grandparents lived close by and were a major part of the grandchildren growing up.

When my grandson and I would play ‘Adventure’. In his words ‘BeVenture’. It went something like this Grandma lets go on a BeVenture to Bucky. Bucky is a large glacial deposited boulder about an eighth or so of a mile from the farm house.

Bucky is sometimes a Pirate Ship, a Fort, a Lookout, Fishing Dock, Bucky can be anything that can be imagined.

It came to me one day when it was getting close to time to say good-bye to my Grandson  I said “We are going on an adventure. Grandma is going to Newfoundland on an Adventure. You will stay home with Mommy and Daddy on your adventure. And then when Grandma comes back after you dress up and get lots of candy (Halloween). We can tell our adventure stories.”

He sniffled thought awhile, the corners of his mouth turned up and his eyes sparkled and he said “We’re going on a BeVenture! Grandma.”

 I said “Yes”

Soon he was telling his Mom and Dad about him and Grandma’s BeVenture.          

My grandson has grown these past few years. Now we go Adventure together, or at separate ends of Canada.

Catch your imagination! Join us on our next BeVenture or Adventure whichever suits your style.

Wendy Nuttall Photography

13 pictures of beautiful Newfoundland & Labrador, Icebergs, fishermen,moose (alces alces),L'Anse aux Meadows & Gros Morne plus more.12 month Calendar on #111silk paper. 12 inch X 12 Inch closed dimensions. Opens to 12 inch X 24 inch Photographer Wendy Nuttall, Author Wendy Nuttall

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