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This Collection Features Calendars, Note Cards, Paper Prints, Stretched Canvas Ready to Hang pictures, Children's Books and More. 

'A Puffin Playing By The Sea'

A Puffin Playing by the Sea - The Twelve Days of Christmas

The Puffin has many counting adventures based on the classic Christmas song the Twelve Days of Christmas. Not only is the book beautifully illustrated by Derek Peddle the artist pays attention to detail such as in the Newfoundland Tartan worn by the Puffin. The book includes a sidebar to inform the reader of the significance of Tea Dolls and Mummers to mention two of the twelve days. It is a fun story to read and sing to children. The sidebar is also very helpful to the reader when children ask "What's a Puffin?".


Pitcher Plant, Blank Notecards on SilkFinishPaper,Provincial Flower of NL

 3 Pitcher Plant Images in each boxed set.

Ready To Hang, Stretched Canvas over a Wooden Frame!

 'Bringing Home The Cod' Open Edition

 'Dragon Back' Open Edition