Why do I sell Wendy Nuttall Photography?

I wanted to share my experiences with family, friends and anyone who was interested.

The Nature of Canada encompasses glaciers, prairies, a semi arid desert with great sand dunes, coves, bays, and a place where you may walk around on the earth’s mantle.

As a photographer I strive to bring the essence of the mountain valleys, where the eagles soar.

I want to bring to your eyes the prairie sunrise, and the whisper of the long grass blowing in the breeze.

The sight of a peaceful evening lake and the last call of the loon as it nests in for the night.

Pictures so that you too may experience the mighty fast rivers of Canada, rivers and streams where the salmon leap high in the sunlight on their last journey.

To bring to you a vision of the great many acres of pack ice; that moves about with the wind and the tide.

To introduce you to the tundra, arctic hare, caribou and the power of the polar bear. The places we seldom travel, due to their geographic setting.

To bring to your home 10,000 year old Iceberg Mountains where whales bubble net and gannets dive.

My vision in nature is to provide Canadians and International guests an insight into the many components of natural Canada.  


13 pictures of beautiful Newfoundland & Labrador, Icebergs, fishermen,moose (alces alces),L'Anse aux Meadows & Gros Morne plus more.12 month Calendar on #111silk paper. 12 inch X 12 Inch closed dimensions. Opens to 12 inch X 24 inch Photographer Wendy Nuttall, Author Wendy Nuttall

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